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A Year of British Murder

"This extraordinary documentary, filmed over the course of a year focuses on a handful of the 768 people killed in Britain during 2017. It builds a picture of loneliness, anger and bafflement felt by those left behind"  Alison Graham, Radio Times. 

"Intimate, intelligent television"  Mike Bradley, Guardian 

Ch4 21st January 2019 9pm 

War Child. A groundbreaking documentary by Jamie Roberts following three child refugees as they make their way across Europe in the hope of finding sanctuary.

Ch4 12th March 2017

"Powerful, important... heart rending" -  The Radio Times


Koko: The Gorilla Who Talks to People. A documentary by Jonny Taylor telling the extraordinary story of Koko, the only 'talking' gorilla in the world, and her lifelong relationship with Penny Patterson. BBC1 15th June. 

"Extraordinary, moving film - the best factual programme of the week"  The Observer


June 2015 - The Tribe. In a television first, Channel 4 was granted access by a rural Ethiopian tribe to capture their life as never seen before by using fixed-rig cameras in this brand new series.

"What is miraculous about this film is the way it highlights our shared humanity"  The Times

"Enthralling, touching and, above all, surprisingly funny" Daily Mail"

May 2015 - The Detectives goes out on three nights consecutively. 17-19th May. BBC2 9pm

"Elevated to art by Director James Newton's camerwork and Richard Spiller's spine-tingling score" The Independent.

"Brilliant. Bleak as hell" The Guardian

"Brilliant. This brilliantly filmed documentary left a deep impression" The Telegraph

April 2015

Rather excitingly I was nominated for a BAFTA for original music for 'Life and Death Row'. Very happy to be alongside the amazing Martin Phipps, John Lunn & the winner, Abel Korzeniowski. Life and Death Row went on to win Best Factual Series at the BAFTA Television awards a few weeks later.

April 2015

Time to crank up the feedback and start work on season 3 of My Mad Fat Diary - returning to E4 for a final series.

September 2014

I scored the beautiful "Into the World" advert for Land Rover's global Discovery campaign.

Leland Music/TAG Europe

Director: Adam Hashemi

March 2014

As part of the Crime & Punishment season on BBC3, the first of three episodes of  'Life and Death Row', a series I scored, is being broadcast on 17th March on at 9pm


November 2013

I'm currently scoring E4's seven part drama My Mad Fat Diary Season 2. 

(to be broadcast in Feb 2014)



7/7: One Day in London won the 2013 BAFTA for Best Single Documentary.

I also composed the music for 2 other series that were nominated in separate categories. 

24 Hours in A&E - Factual Series 

The Audience -  Reality & Constructed Factual

On the 18th of October 2012, 100 Camera crews filmed across the nation, creating a snapshot of the NHS in a day.

The first of 8 episodes of Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day will be broadcast on BBC2 on Tuesday 26th March.

'It's completely fascinating, a tapestry of human experiences and emotions' Radio Times

'Genuine edge of seat viewing. It'll make mincemeat of Casualty' Time Out

7/7: One Day in London

After winning a Broadcast Award in January for Best Documentary Programme, Ben Anthony's 7/7: One Day in London has gone on to win the Royal Television Society RTS award for Best Single Documentary.


The first of 3 episodes of The Audience will be on Ch4 on Thursday 13th September.

'On paper the concept for this new series is TV is works remarkably well' Guardian

' ...thoughtful, moving and unexpectedly joyful outcome. And buckets of tears, obviously' Telegraph

The Garden Productions for Channel 4

7/7: One Day in London will be on BBC2 on Monday 2nd July.

Radio Times Review - 'Ben Anthony's profoundly moving documentary, executive-produced by Morgan Matthews (Britain in a Day), talks to the bereaved, the survivors and the emergency workers bound together by the actions of four suicide bombers. '

Minnow Productions for BBC2

24 Hours in A&E

On 20th March I was excited to go along to the Royal Television Society awards where 24 Hours in A&E won in the best documentary series category. It was up against Fighting On the Frontline (a three part series which I also scored) and Educating Essex.

Series 2 of A&E is now in the edit.

The Garden Productions, Channel 4

Samurais, Spaceships, & Eskimos...

I'm currently working on a trio of animations to promote a new series of work by the brilliant artist & illustrator Graham Carter, animated by the equally brilliant Ticktock Robot.



"There have been loads of excellent documentaries about soldiers in Afghanistan... is there really room for another? Well, yes as it happens. Because this one is extraordinary.

Sam Wollaston The Guardian

"Disturbing and gripping television"

Tom Sutcliffe The Independent


Ok, so Coppers didn't win the Factual Series award, but it was a fun evening!

Filming has started on Coppers Series 2 and I'm signed up to provide the music.

24 Hours In A&E. The first of a 14 part series for Ch4 is being broadcast on the 11th May.

"One of those rare life enhancing wonders of television" The Times

"Here is grief, heroism, stupidity, tragedy,bitterness,hilarity,frustration,compassion, tedium,selflessness...The result is a fanfare for the common man... Brilliant." The Guardian

After the success of the broadcast earlier this year, Coppers has been nominated for the Best Factual Series award at the 2011 BAFTAS.

Fingers crossed!




Coppers - Ch4

'Properly hilarious, strikingly humane and razor sharp - Coppers I love you' Caitlin Moran,The Times.

'Coppers was the best doc I've seen in years. Funny, moving, startling. A credit to journalism'Jon Ronson


The first of four episodes of 'Young, Autistic & Stagestruck' will be broadcast on Ch4 on Monday 12th April at 8pm

The Times -'This is a fabulous series - one of those miraculous flukes of television that celebrates the best in people and makes you proud to be human'

I'm currently composing the soundtrack and creating the sound design for Yuco's brilliant three minute animation commissioned by The Shanghai World Expo 2010.

I've just finished scoring 'My Kidnapper', a feature length documentary made by Mark Henderson, who was kidnapped in Colombia and held for 101 days. He and three fellow hostages return to the Colombian jungles to confront one of their kidnappers.Film Four/Sundance




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